Technical Peer Review - Roles of Participants

Roles of Participants


Responsible for conducting the technical peer review process and collecting inspection data. Plays key role in all stages of the technical peer review process except rework. Required to perform several duties during a technical peer review in addition to inspector’s tasks.


Responsible for finding defects in work product from a general point of view, as well as defects that affect their area of expertise.


Provides information about work product during all stages of process. Responsible for correcting all major defects and any minor and trivial defects that cost and schedule permit. Performs duties of an inspector.


Guides team through work product during the technical peer review meeting. Reads or paraphrases work product in detail. Performs duties of an inspector in addition to reader’s role.


Accurately records each defect found during inspection meeting on the Inspection Defect List. Performs duties of an inspector in addition to recorder’s role.

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