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List Of Nintendo Entertainment System Games - Licensed Games
15, 1986 Nintendo Banana Prince 01992-02-01February 1992 Takara Bandai Golf Challenge Pebble Beach 01989-02-01February 1989 Bandai Bandit Kings of Ancient ... the Cat 01992-10-01October 1992 Hudson Soft Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge 01992-06-01June 1992 Acclaim Entertainment Fester's Quest 01989-09-01September 1989 01990-09-14September 14. 1992 Toho Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92 01992-08-01August 1992 01993-06-17June 17, 1993 Capcom Golf 01985-10-01October 1985 01986-11-15November 15 ...
List Of Atari 2600 Games - Games Published By Third Parties
... Games Epyx Epyx 1987 Sports Carnival Sega Coleco 1982 Action Cathouse Blues PlayAround 1982 Challenge Funvision Challenge of Nexar Sirius Software Spectravision 1982 Action Chase the Chuck Wagon Spectravision ... Cosmic Corridor Zimag 1983 Cosmic Creeps Telesys Telesys 1982 Action Cosmic Free Fire Action Hi-Tech PAL-format Cosmic Swarm CommaVid CommaVid 1982 Action Crab Control Action Hi-Tech PAL-for ... Cavern Apollo Apollo 1981 Action Spacechase Apollo Apollo 1981 Action Space Grid Action Hi-Tech PAL-format Space Jockey US Games US Games 1981 Action ...
For Inspiration And Recognition Of Science And Technology - FIRST Tech Challenge
... The FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), formerly FIRST Vex Challenge (FVC), is a mid-level robotics competition announced by FIRST on March 22, 2005 ... FIRST Tech Challenge robots are approximately one-third the scale of their FRC counterparts ... featured a demonstration of the FIRST Vex Challenge using a 1/3 linear scale mock-up of the 2004 FRC Competition, FIRST Frenzy Raising the Bar ...

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    The great challenge which faces us is to assure that, in our society of big-ness, we do not strangle the voice of creativity, that the rules of the game do not come to overshadow its purpose, that the grand orchestration of society leaves ample room for the man who marches to the music of another drummer.
    Hubert H. Humphrey (1911–1978)