TDG may refer to:

  • TDG (company), (ex-Transport Development Group) a British logistics and distribution company
  • Traffic Design Group, a New Zealand transport consultancy
  • TransDigm Group's NYSE ticker symbol
  • The Depreciation Guild, an indie rock band influenced by video game music
  • Thessalonian Dope Gods, an American hard-rock band
  • Three Days Grace, a Canadian rock band
  • Thymine-DNA glycosylase, an enzyme

Other articles related to "tdg":

Thymine-DNA Glycosylase
... Identifiers Symbol TDG External IDs OMIM 601423 HomoloGene 2415 GeneCards TDG Gene EC number Gene Ontology Molecular function • RNA polymerase II transcription cofactor activity • damaged ...
Chuck Kroegel - Career
... TDG created twelve SSI games from 1981 through 1988, the last being Battles of Napoleon ... In 1983 Kroegel left TDG to join SSI, which continued to publish TDG's games ... In 1986 he designed Gettysburg The Turning Point for TDG, although he was an employee of SSI ...
Thymine-DNA Glycosylase - Function
... The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the TDG/mug DNA glycosylase family ... Thymine-DNA glycosylase (TDG) removes thymine moieties from G/T mismatches by hydrolyzing the carbon-nitrogen bond between the sugar-phosphate backbone of DNA and the mispaired thymine ... TDG can also remove uracil and 5-bromouracil from mispairings with guanine ...
TDG (company) - History
... The name changed to TDG plc in 2000 ... In 2008 TDG was taken private by the Laxey Investment Trust (later renamed Douglas Bay Capital) and subsequently removed from London Stock Exchange ... reached an agreement to buy Laxey Logistics Ltd (which owns 100% of TDG Ltd and all its subsidiaries) from Douglas Bay Capital ...