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Remote Desktop Services - Architecture
... The server component of Remote Desktop Services is Terminal Server (termdd.sys), which listens on TCP port 3389 ... and mouse driver it receives keyboard and mouse input over the TCP connection and presents them as keyboard or mouse inputs ... The channels connect to the client over the TCP connection as the channels are accessed for data, the client is informed of the request, which is then transferred over ...
Internet Censorship - Content Suppression Methods - Technical Censorship - Approaches
... Packet filtering Terminate TCP packet transmissions when a certain number of controversial keywords are detected ... This affects all TCP-based protocols such as HTTP, FTP and POP, but Search engine results pages are more likely to be censored ... Typical circumvention methods are to use encrypted connections – such as VPN and TLS/SSL – to escape the HTML content, or by reducing the TCP/IP stack's MTU/MSS to reduce the amount of text contained ...
Vuze Release History
... as subscriptions Core
TCP Sequence Prediction Attack
... A TCP sequence prediction attack is an attempt to predict the sequence number used to identify the packets in a TCP connection, which can be used to counterfeit ... Once the attacker has control over the connection, it is able to send counterfeit packets without getting a response ... including the injection into an existing TCP connection of data of the attacker's choosing, and the premature closure of an existing TCP connection by the injection of counterfeit ...
AF INET - Socket API Functions
... is used on the server side, and causes a bound TCP socket to enter listening state ... In case of a TCP socket, it causes an attempt to establish a new TCP connection ... It accepts a received incoming attempt to create a new TCP connection from the remote client, and creates a new socket associated with the socket address pair of this connection ...

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