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Self-invested Personal Pension - Tax Treatment
... Contributions are limited to £3,600 (£2,880 before 20% tax refund) or 100% of earned income (if higher) ... The maximum was £255,000 for the 2010/11 tax year but the 'Annual Allowance' for all pension contributions is currently £50,000 (tax years 2012/13 and 2013/14) and will be ... The SIPP provider claims a tax refund at the basic rate (20% in tax year 2012/13) on behalf of the customer (i.e ...
Tax Code (PAYE)
... In the UK, every person paid under the PAYE scheme is allocated a tax code by HM Revenue and Customs ... This code describes to employers how much tax to deduct from an employee ... Tax codes are usually adjusted once a year to take into account any changes made in the National Budget, but can be altered more often to reflect an employee's circumstances ...
Corporate Tax In The United States - Overview
... Corporate income tax is imposed at the federal level on all entities treated as corporations (see Entity classification below), and by 47 states and the District of Columbia ... Certain localities also impose corporate income tax ... Corporate income tax is imposed on all domestic corporations and on foreign corporations having income or activities within the jurisdiction ...
Calendar (New Style) Act 1750 - Reaction and Effect
... There were, however, legitimate concerns about tax payments under the new calendar ... have been proposed for the odd beginning of the British financial year on 6 April ... One is that from 1753 until 1799, the tax year in Britain continued to operate on the Julian calendar and began on 5 April, which was the "old style" new tax year of 25 ...
Accounting Reference Date - Tax Year
... The fiscal year for individuals and entities to report and pay income taxes is often known as the taxpayer's tax year or taxable year ... Taxpayers in many jurisdictions may choose their tax year ... United States, Canada, Switzerland), state/provincial/cantonal tax years must be the same as the federal year ...

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