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Title Holder

As chief of Matailobau district, the Taukei ni Waluvu, Ratu Meli Koroitamana who replaced his cousin Ratu Alipate Baledrokadroka (1933–2005) was traditionally installed on 22 March 2008. He is a retired airport ground staff and sits on Fiji’s Great Council of Chiefs. He is a former Fiji rugby representative of the 1964 tour of UK and France. Ratu Alipate was a pioneering Fijian scholar of the newly established Marist Brothers High School (Fiji), Suva in 1949. He was one of the first Fijian students to matriculate in the Senior Cambridge exams in 1952 following his father Dr Ratu Jone Raiova (1904–33) footsteps, who matriculated from Marist St John's college, Cawaci on Ovalau Island in 1922, to the Central Medical School, Suva. Ratu Meli died on 07 Oct 2009 after a short illness.

Images: Ratu Alipate Baledrokadroka IV, Taukei ni Waluvu, (1997–2005) as Form III student Marist Brothers High School, Suva, 1949. Ratu Alipate at Naitasiri Provincial Council Meeting, Navuso, Naitasiri, December 2000 where the Naitasiri SDL political party was first formed. He was also a founder of the St John Cawaci Rugby Club in 1964 and later St John Marist Rugby Club Suva in 1969. See

The chiefly households of: Nakamarusi, Vuravura, Dakui, Navaulele, Nadawadamana, Nasirivatu, Navakabatiyavu, Nakacadakui, Navunisalusalu and Nacagabuli will decide the next title holder who is usually the oldest male in the Siko Natabutale clan of Nairukuruku village. There is pressure however on the choice of leadership through this exclusive traditional system due to the changes in village life and culture brought about by modernity. As today’s communal quest for development and good governance is realized through a leader’s education and moral integrity.

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