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Tasgaon is located at 17°02′N 74°36′E / 17.03°N 74.6°E / 17.03; 74.6. It has an average elevation of 560 metres (1837 feet).mbngh fg cv. Tasgaon receives average rainfall of 450 mm from SW monsoon. Maximum area comes under drought prone and faremer suffers every year for the crunch of water.

Demographics: As of 2001 India census, Tasgaon had a population of 33,435. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Tasgaon has an average literacy rate of 74%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 80%, and female literacy is 68%. In Tasgaon, 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.

This town is famous for its worldclass Grapes. Grapes are exported mainly to Asian countries like UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. Probably the BEST quality Grapes are from Tasgaon as sometime the size of a grape is as long as 3.5" (inches).The Ganapati Temple in Tasgaon which is older than 225 years, is unique as the trunk of Lord Ganesha is bent towards right and this idol is considered as Living Lord, always there to bless communities.The Lord Ganesha idol is in gold,weighing 125KGs. The Gopur (5 Storey ancient construction as Entrance to temple) of Ganesha Temple is the tallest (96 feet)in Maharashtra as these Gopur's are commonly seen in South India. Ganesh festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Very famous for Ganesh's Rath Utsav a day after Ganesh Chaturthi. Viththal Sakharam Page former president of vidhan parishad and the founder of ROJGAR HAMI YOJANA.started from a village called Visapur.

Savlaj: Savalsiddha Temple Manerajuri, Gavhan & Vadgaon: Production of Grapes with the help of Water tanker (10 km from Tasgaon City) Manjarde, Balgavde & Bastawde: Production of Sugarcane (15 km from Tasgaon City)

Visapur: Wellknown for Animal Fair (8 km from Tasgaon City) Yelavi: Village of former MLA Babasaheb Patil Chinchani: Jagrut Yellama Goddess Mandir. Fair is held in the month of January every year., village of former MLA Dinkar(Aaba) Patil & MLC Sanjay(Kaka)Patil (5 km from Tasgaon). Chinchani is famous for quality grapes. Nearly 30% of the farmers grow grapes in this village. There is famous palace of Patwardhan Dynasty. Vithalrao Page Vidyamanir is well known for creaton of stalwarts in the Tasgaon Taluka. Wasumbe: Educational Centre Kavathe-Ekand: Biggest Firework Festival in India on Dashahara (Dasara) (7 km from Tasgaon on Sangli Road) Wayphale, Dahiwadi & Dongarsoni: Production of Grapes

Punadi(pundi): Chilimkhada (Big Cylindrical Stone). Victory place of Chauhan Rajputs (Chavan) over Muslim warriors. Siddheshwar & Jyotirling Yatra. (5 km from Tasgaon City). Anjani: Village of R.R.Patil (Aaba)former dy.C.M. & present Home minister of Maharashtra Aravde: Radhagopal Temple & home place of ISCON (10 km from Tasgaon) Hatnur & Hatnoli: Honai Temple & Honai Hill where Shivaji Maharaj Surveyed for building fort. Savarde: Bhavani Fair Turchi: Training Centre of Maharashtra Police & Tasgaon Sugar Factory. Jarandi: Village Jarandi is the last end of Tasgaon taluka towards Khanapur. It is situated at about 34 kilometers away from Tasgaon and very close to Karad-Vijapur state highway no. 78. Ancient name of this village was Matanapur. Later on name was changed to Jarandi. One famous person from this village was Mr. "Kashirao appa" in earlier centuries. There is a famous temple called " Shukrachari" about 4 kilometers away from Jarandi. The temple is located in a beautiful vally among the hills. People should visit this place to worship of "Shukracharya" and for enjoying the mindblowing scenery of nature. In this village there is one more temple of "Venkatesh". In whole Maharashtra there are very few temples of God Venkatesh, and out of it one is in Jarandi. The famous Tirupati Balaji in Andhrapradesh is also the God Venkatesh. Village is also famous for producing export quality grapes.

NAGEWADI: This hamlet is located at about 28 km from Tasgaon. This village is recipient of NIRMAL GRAM PURSKAR (AWARD) in SANT GADAGE BABA GRAM SWACHATA ABHIYAN. The state highway - miraj- Pandharpur is 6 km away from Nagewadi. This village is famous for grape production and is a major grape production area in Tasgaon.

Vanjarwadi: Huge number of Government Servants kharamate, khot,sanap family "Borgaon" Borgaon is also famous for export quality grapes, Arve bandhu are leader in growing quality grapes. Jagrut Siddheshwar Devsthan is also in borgaon. also known as "Pailwananche Borgaon"

Famous personality: Mr. Siddharth Khujat, a business man and a great novelist, hails from Tasgaon. He's also known as "Abba" throughout the town for his loving nature and love for animals.

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