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1987 Targetmasters

The first Targetmasters assortment, released in 1987, included six new characters, and five existing ones from the 1986 line, whose toys were slightly remolded with larger peg holes to hold their new weapons, as well as an additional peg hole for each remold to mount its weapon in vehicle mode. In 2003, one of the two Japanese-exclusive Targetmasters from 1987 was added to the Autobot ranks. Unfortunately, the Targetmaster weapon he shares with Decepticon Cyclonus, also share names. To further add to the confusion, the printed names of Stepper and Artfire's weapon/partners in Japan are swapped. Cyclonus's partner Nightstick is called Nebulon (the name Fracas is erroneously given on Scourge's box) and paired with Stepper. Scourge's partner Fracas is called Nightstick and paired with Artfire.

The smaller Targetmaster partners were easily lost making them highly collectable and demand high prices on the secondary market.

Autobot Targetmasters

  • Blurr (futuristic car) with Haywire
  • Crosshairs (4x4) with Pinpointer
  • Hot Rod (hot rod) with Firebolt
  • Kup (pickup truck) with Recoil
  • Pointblank (car) with Peacemaker
  • Sureshot (dune buggy) with Spoilsport
  • Stepper (Porsche 935 Turbo) with Nebulon
  • Ricochet (Porsche 935 Turbo) with Nightstick
    • Ricochet is the official American name for the Japanese character Stepper.
    • Nightstick is the original American name for his partner, originally paired in the West with Cyclonus.
  • Artfire (Mitsubishi-Fuso fire engine) with "Nightstick"
    • Artfire's weapon/partner was paired in America with Scourge and called Fracas.

Decepticon Targetmasters

  • Cyclonus (spaceship) with Nightstick
  • Misfire (jet) with Aimless
  • Scourge (hovercraft) with Fracas
  • Slugslinger (twin-nosed jet) with Caliburst
  • Triggerhappy (jet) with Blowpipe

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