Tap Tap Revenge 2 - Soundtrack - Extreme


Song title Artist
"37 Stitches" Drowning Pool
"A Fact of Life" Fact
"ABC" Jackson 5
"Aeon" South Central
"All The Elders" Crayonsmith
"Battle At Victory" KJ Sawka
"Bite to Break Skin" Senses Fail
"Bloodmeat" Protest The Hero
"Bombs Away" Whole Wheat Bread
"Bury It Down Low" RX Bandits
"Can't Be Saved" Senses Fail
"Catch 22" Whole Wheat Bread
"Control" Kid Sister
"Do You Like Bass?" Felguk
"Does This Mean You're Moving On?" The Airborne Toxic Event
"Double Down Under" The Crystal Method
"Double Down Under" (Extended Remix) The Crystal Method
"Eenie Meanie" Fake Shark-Real Zombie
"Electricity" Von Iva
"Elephant Bones" That Handsome Devil
"Everything I Ask For" The Maine
"Fast Paced World" The Duhks
"Fight For You" Morgan Page
"Fluent In Stroll" Big D and The Kids Table
"Freak-a-zoid" Bobby Evans
"Garden State" Senses Fail
"Gettin' Up" Q-Tip
"Girls Of Prey" Pop Noir
"Gives You Hell" All American Rejects
"Good Days Bad Days" Kaiser Chiefs
"Green" Elise Major
"Guns" Lovehammers
"Here I Go Again" The Sunstreak
"Heregoesnothin" Nevershoutnever!
"Heretics & Killers" Protest The Hero
"I Can't Feel" Ones and Zeros
"I Know You Want Me" Pitbull
"I Had You Wrong" Love You Long Time
"In Jazz (Blend remix) Timewarp inc
"In Other Words" Skew
"Keep it Together (So I Can Fall Apart)" Ben Harper
"Killer" SuperTweeker
"Lark On My Go-Kart" Asher Roth
"Last Resort" Papa Roach
"Let's Go" SuperTweeker
"Let Me Be" Miguel Migs
"Lifeline" Papa Roach
"Lovers In Japan" Coldplay
"Lungs Like Gallows" Senses Fail
"Magnetic Baby" Semi Precious Weapons
"Montero" Grupo Fantasma
"Mueva Rapidamente Schpilkas
"Night Falls" Soul Magic Orchestra
"No Stars Over Bethlehem" Protest The Hero
"Omen" The Prodigy
"Pandajero" Cantoma
"Passion" Tom Trago
"Prehistoric Dog" Red Fang
"Rock & Roll Renegade" The Frantic
"Rocket" Ursula 1000
"Rude Boy Come Test" Soul Magic Orchestra
"Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning" Senses Fail
"Sequoia Throne" Protest The Hero
"Shockwave" Black Tide
"Smoky Land" Tikal
"Sololuna" DJ 4Mile
"Space Funk" Doctormusic Project
"Spin Me Round" BMD
"Still Alive" Fletch
"Sugar Skulls" Envy On The Coast
"Switchback" Celldweller
"Tap Tap DomiNation" Stroke 9
"Tap Tap Tap" DJ Tapulous feat. DX Chain
"Tainted Wheat" RX Bandits
"The Closure" Lukeino & Ax!oM MC
"The Future's Nothing New" The Alternative Routes
"The Quiet Before" From Monument To Masses
"The Tenderloin" Meanest Man Contest
"Trampoline" The Clarks
"Wanna Ride?" (Radio Edit) Bit Crushers featuring Kovas
"White Trash Circus" Mötley Crüe

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