Tan Son Nhut Air Base - Use of Tan Son Nhut Air Base By The United States - 315th Air Commando Wing, Troop Carrier

315th Air Commando Wing, Troop Carrier

Until the last half of 1966 the tactical airlift organization in Vietnam remained a temporary structure. The PACAF 315th Air Division, based at Tachikawa AB, Japan, exercised command of airlift resources in South Vietnam through the 315th Air Corrrnando Wing at Tan Son Nhut Air Base. However, the Army Military Assistance Conmand (MACV) controlled airlift through the Air Force component of the MACV joint staff, the 2d Air Division. This dual structure of command and control was complex and cumbersome.

The 315th Air Commando Group, (Troop Carrier) was activated at Tan Son Nhut AB on 8 December 1962 and became responsible for all in-country airlift in the Republic of Vietnam, including control over all USAF airlift assets, aerial port squadrons, an aeromedical evacuation squadron, and a special air transport flight of the Royal Australian Air Force. It was re-designated the 315th Air Commando Wing on 8 March 1966.

Squadrons of the 315th ACW/TC were:

  • 12th Air Commando Squadron (Defoliation), 15 October 1966 - 15 July 1970 (Bien Hoa) (UC-123 Provider)
  • Det 1, 834th Air Division, 15 October 1966 – 1 December 1971 (Tan Son Nhut) (C-130 Hercules)
  • 19th Air Commando Squadron 8 March 1966 - 15 June 1967 (Tan Son Nhut) (C-123 Provider)
  • 309th Air Commando Squadron 8 March 1966 - 15 June 1967 (Phan Rang) (C-123)
  • 310th Air Commando Squadron 8 March 1966 - 15 June 1967 (Phan Rang) (C-123)
  • 311th Air Commando Squadron 8 March 1966 - 15 June 1967 (Phan Rang) (C-123)
  • Det 1., HQ 315th Air Commando Wing, Troop Carrier 1 August - 15 October 1966
  • Det 5., HQ 315th Air Division (Combat Cargo) 8 March - 15 October 1966
  • Det 6., HQ 315th Air Division (Combat Cargo) 8 March - 15 October 1966
  • Royal Australian Air Force Transport Flight, Vietnam (RTFV) 8 March - 15 October 1966.

The unit also performed C-123 airlift operations in Vietnam. Operations included aerial movement of troops and cargo, flare drops, aeromedical evacuation, and air-drops of critical supplies and paratroops.

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