Tamara Johansen

First Lieutenant Tamara Johansen, USAF (also known as T.J.) is a fictional character in the Canadian-American Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer-Syfy television series Stargate Universe, a military science fiction serial drama about the adventures of a present-day, multinational exploration team unable to return to Earth after an evacuation to the Ancient spaceship Destiny, which is travelling in a distant corner of the universe. She is portrayed by Canadian actress Alaina Huffman.

Johansen is a US Air Force medic who comes from a poor background. Not able to afford medical school, she considered the US Air Force her best option. Johansen made her first appearance in the pilot episode, "Air", first broadcast in the United States and Canada in 2009. It was later revealed Johansen is pregnant with Colonel Young's child after the two had an affair before being stranded on the ship.

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... Tamara Johansen (portrayed by Alaina Huffman) is a USAF First Lieutenant ... She comes from a modest background and dreamed of being a doctor but could not afford medical school and the Air Force was her best option ...
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... In the character breakdown for the series, Tamara Johansen was originally named Tamara Jon, and was of Asian descent ... After Huffman was cast for the role, the character's surname was changed to Johansen and her ethnicity was changed to European ...