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Fuel Dumping - Aircraft Fuel Dump
... Aircraft have two major types of weight limits the maximum takeoff weight and the maximum structural landing weight, with the maximum structural landing weight almost always being the ... aircraft on a normal, routine flight to take off at the higher weight, consume fuel en route, and arrive at a lower weight ... There are other variables involving takeoff and landing weights, but they are omitted from this article for the sake of simplicity ...
Thrust-to-weight Ratio - Examples - Aircraft
... Vehicle T/W Scenario Concorde 0.373 Max Takeoff Weight, Full Reheat English Electric Lightning 0.63 maximum takeoff weight, No Reheat F-22 Raptor 0.84 maximum takeoff weight, Dry Thrust ...
Rockwell Commander 112 - Variants
... variant of the 112 to meet the FAR23 Amendment 7 requirements with increased maximum takeoff weight, 364 built. 112B 112A with an increased maximum takeoff weight, increased wingspan, new propeller and larger wheels, 46 built. 112TCA 112TC with increased load and higher takeoff weight and other improvements similar to 112B, later named Alpine Commander, 160 built ...
Maximum Takeoff Weight - Maximum Permissible Takeoff Weight or Maximum Allowed Takeoff Weight
... In these circumstances the maximum weight permitted for takeoff will be determined taking account of the following Wing flap setting ... A short runway means the aircraft has less distance to accelerate to takeoff speed ... The length for computation of maximum permitted takeoff weight may be adjusted if the runway has clearways and/or stopways ...
Maximum Takeoff Weight
... The maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) or maximum takeoff mass of an aircraft is the maximum weight at which the pilot of the aircraft is allowed to attempt to take off ... MTOW is the heaviest weight at which the aircraft has been shown to meet all the airworthiness requirements applicable to it ... or air temperature or the length of the runway to be used for takeoff or landing ...

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