Taiwan Straits

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Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone
... Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone or West Coast Economic Zone (simplified Chinese 海峡西岸经济区 traditional Chinese 海峽西岸經濟區 pinyin Hǎixiá Xī'àn Jīngjì Qū) is ... policies from the coastal cities west of the Taiwan Straits for competitiveness, social development, increased and strengthened economic cooperation with Taiwan ...
Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone - History
... in order to facilitate political and economic relationships across the Taiwan Straits ... The economic zone will help Fujian catch up to Taiwan's economic development ... China through its Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits and Taiwan via Straits Exchange Foundation agreed on an Economic Pact which opened direct transport links for the first time ...
Anti-Secession Law - Content
... Articles six to nine set out in general terms the procedures for promoting cross-strait relations, negotiation, and resolution of the issue ... Article one states that the aim of the law is to stop the Taiwan independence movement from splitting the country, and promote reunification ... Stabilizing the Taiwan Straits area, protecting the interests of the Zhonghua Minzu are also purposes of the law ...

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