Taipei Baboons

The 'Taipei Baboons' is a Rugby Union team based in Taipei, Taiwan. The team has established itself as a rugby force on both Formosa and internationally, competing in tournaments around southeast Asia. The Taipei Baboons were established in the early 1990s by expat workers from Toulouse in France. Games were infrequently played and the emphasis was mainly on the social aspects being involved with team-sports. Since those humble beginnings, the original pioneers of the Baboons have moved on and a new succession of expats from many other countries have continued the task of keeping the club alive. The club participates in Rugby Fifteens as part of the local Taipei Club Competition. The Taipei Baboons hosts a variety of visiting clubs and frequently tours the Asia-Region to compete in regional competitions. Rugby Tens and Rugby Sevens suit the hot climates of the regional competitions such as in Manila, Philippines and Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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