Taa Language

Taa Language

Taa /ˈtɑː/, also known as !Xoon, ǃXóõ /ˈkoʊ/ or Tsasi, is a Khoisan language known for its large number of phonemes, perhaps the largest in the world. As of 2007, it was spoken by about 6,000 people. These are mainly in Botswana, but a few hundred live in Namibia. The people call themselves ǃXoon (pl. ǃXooŋake) or ‘N|ohan (pl. N|umde), depending on the dialect they speak.

Taa is the word for 'human being'; the local name of the language is Taa ǂaan, from ǂaan 'language'. !Xoon is an ethnonym used at opposite ends of the Taa-speaking area, but not by Taa speakers in between. Most living Taa speakers are ethnic ǃXoon (plural ǃXooŋake) or 'Nǀohan (plural Nǀumde).

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