Symphony No. 101 (Haydn) - Composition, Premiere, and Reception

Composition, Premiere, and Reception

Haydn completed the symphony in 1793 or 1794. He wrote it for the second of his two visits to London (1791-2, 1794-5).

The work was premiered on 3 March 1794, in the Hanover Square Rooms, as part of a concert series featuring Haydn's work organized by his colleague and friend Johann Peter Salomon; a second performance took place a week later.

As was generally true for the London symphonies, the response of the audience was very enthusiastic. The Morning Chronicle reported:

As usual the most delicious part of the entertainment was a new grand Overture by HAYDN; the inexhaustible, the wonderful, the sublime HAYDN! The first two movements were encored; and the character that pervaded the whole composition was heartfelt joy. Ever new Overture he writes, we fear, till it is heard, he can only repeat himself; and we are every time mistaken.

The work has always been popular and continues to appear frequently on concert programs and in recordings.

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