• (adj): Abnormally expanded or increased in size; ('swollen' is sometimes used in combination).
    Example: "The need to clean out swollen inventories"; "the raisins were plump and soft and swollen from being soaked"; "huge blood-swollen mosquitoes"
    Synonyms: distended
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Gingivitis - Signs and Symptoms
... and manifest in the gum tissue as the classic signs of inflammation Bad breath (halitosis) Swollen gums Bright red or purple gums Gums that are tender or painful ... When the gingiva are swollen, the epithelial lining of the gingival crevice becomes ulcerated and the gums will bleed more easily with even gentle brushing, and especially when flossing ...
Cacao Swollen-shoot Virus
... theobroma virus 1 cacao swollen shoot virus cacao mottle leaf virus Cacao swollen-shoot virus (CSSV) is a plant pathogenic virus of the family Caulimoviridae that ...
Mads Haarløv
... When Mads Haarløv and Jacob Olsen left Iniquity they formed Swollen ... Iniquity had later some conflicts with the members and therefore Swollen split up and Haarløv and Thomas Fagerlind (bassist for Swollen) went to Iniquity ... Three songs of Swollen's 1999 promo are to be found on Iniquity's Five Across the Eyes ...
Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease - Diagnosis
... The liver is also usually friable and swollen ... The spleen will be black in colour and also swollen with rounded edges, while the kidneys are dark brown in colour ... Enteritis of the small intestine and swollen meninges may also occur ...
Swollen Members - History
... Swollen Members was founded in the mid-1990s by Vancouverites Mad Child (Shane Bunting), Prevail (Kiley Hendriks), and Moka Only (Daniel Denton) ... They joined together under the name Swollen Members ... Swollen Members is one of only three rap groups affiliated with Rock Steady, Others include Dilated Peoples and The Arsonists ...

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Famous quotes containing the word swollen:

    Thou art a beaten dog beneath the hail,
    A swollen magpie in a fitful sun,
    Half black half white
    Nor knowst’ou wing from tail
    Pull down thy vanity
    How mean thy hates
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)