Sweet Polly

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Simon Bar Sinister - Episodes in Which He Is Prominent
... After using the Shrinking Chemical on Underdog and Sweet Polly, he uses his Rainmaking Machine to make it rain Shrinking Water all over the city, and he even shrinks Cad ... Underdog, Polly and the Townspeople shrink him to the size of a flea and tickle him into telling them the cure to the shrinking water ... at Cape Canaveral by stealing a spacecraft with Sweet Polly as their prisoner after incapacitating the astronauts that were supposed to go with Sweet Polly ...
List Of Underdog Characters - Main Villains - Reformed Villains - The Flying Sorcerers
... Then, they found Sweet Polly to be their new baking slave ... Sweet Polly was forced to bake 500 cakes for the Flying Sorcerers, but her weariness from baking the other cakes made her fall into the giant mixing ... vowing he wouldn't abuse others again, he received one of Sweet Polly's cake recipes so he can make a cake for his people ...

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