Swapping can mean:

  • In computer systems, an older form of memory management, similar to Paging
  • Swapping (barter)
  • Hot swapping
  • Book swapping
  • Wife swapping
  • Cumswapping
  • Clothes swapping

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Protein Domain - Domains Are Units of Protein Structure - Domains and Quaternary Structure
... Domain swapping is a mechanism for forming oligomeric assemblies ... In domain swapping, a secondary or tertiary element of a monomeric protein is replaced by the same element of another protein ... Domain swapping can range from secondary structure elements to whole structural domains ...
Foursome (group Sex) - Types of Foursomes - Wife Swapping
... Wife swapping involves two couples, usually both married heterosexual pairs, where each man swaps his wife for the other, and has sexual intercourse with her ... Wife swapping is sometimes simply called "swapping" as some people find the term "wife swapping" degrading to women and implies treating them as objects ...
... House swapping is the practice that refers to the swapping of homes on a temporary or more permanent basis ... to date back to 1953, there has been an increase in house swapping due to the slow-down in the United States real estate market ...
Survo Puzzle - Swapping Method
... The swapping method for solution of Survo puzzles has been created by combining the idea of the original solver program to the observation that the products ... it is tried to improve the solution by swapping two numbers at a time ... When using the swapping method the nature of solving Survo puzzles becomes somewhat similar to that of Chess problems ...
Homeswap - Tourism
... House swapping is believed to have developed in the 1950s, but rose to prominence in the 1970s as more people got involved and considered it to be a viable vacation ... Some estimates indicate that traveller participation in house swapping is consistently increasing by 15-20% per year ... is traditionally the peak season for house swapping, due to families traveling during summer vacations and house swapping allows families to try out a ...

Famous quotes containing the word swapping:

    In sunlight smiling under their goggles swapping batons back and
    And He who jumped without a chute and was handed one by a diving
    James Dickey (b. 1923)