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Krishnananda was initially engaged at the DLS in letter writing, writing messages and assistance in compiling and editing books. Later, he typed manuscripts produced by Sivananda, including the two hand-written volumes of the Brahma Sutras. In 1948, Sivananda asked him to write books on philosophy and religion; from then onwards he also conducted classes and lectures.

Krishnananda later worked with a committee that was established to improve the management of the DLS and at this time he became a Secretary, concerned especially with the management of finance. He continued this work until 1961, when, due to the extended absence of Chidananda Saraswati, then President of the DLS, Sivananda nominated him as General Secretary. He held that position until his death, at which time he was the longest serving General Secretary of the institution.

Sivananda appointed Krishnananda as President of the Sivananda Literature Research Institute when it was formed in 1958. Krishnananda was also appointed as the President of the Sivananda Literature Dissemination Committee, which was formed to bring out translations of Sivananda's works in the major Indian languages. In 1961, Krishnananda became editor of the DLS's monthly publication, Divine Life. He held the position for 20 years.

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