Swallow Tailed

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List Of Flags Of Estonia - Military Flag
... Use Description 1991–present 1926–1940 Naval ensign Swallow-tailed tricolour with the lesser coat of arms in the center 1991–present 1926–1940 Naval jack Dimension ...
List Of Dutch Flags - Royal Standard - Other Members of The Royal Family
... Princess Máxima As princess Máxima use a swallow tailed flag, with the colours of her husband flag changed and her parental arms (a yellow tower) in the lower hoist ... Princess Laurentien As princess Laurentien use a swallow tailed ones, with the colours of her husband flag changed and her parental arms (a yellow heraldic ... Princesses of the Netherlands (Daughters of Queen Juliana) As princess of the Netherlands use a swallow tailed flag, with the Royal standard colours and their ...
Galápagos Islands - Physical Geography - Main Islands
... Here fur seals, frigates, marine iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls, sea lions, whales, marine turtles, and red-footed and Nazca boobies can be seen ... brightly colored marine iguanas, Española lava lizards, hood mockingbirds, swallow-tailed gulls, blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, red-billed tropicbirds, Galápagos hawks, 3 species of Darwin's finches, and ... At Darwin Bay, frigatebirds and swallow-tailed gulls, the only nocturnal species of gull in the world, can be seen ...

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    It is cowardly to fly from natural duties and take up those that suit our taste or temperament better; but it is also unwise to take an exaggerated view of personal duties, which shuts out the proper care of the mind and body entrusted to us.
    —Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)