Susumu is a Japanese given name, and may refer to:

  • Susumu Chiba (born 1970), Japanese voice actor
  • Susumu Fujita (1912–1991), Japanese actor
  • Susumu Fukui (born 1947), Japanese Go player
  • Susumu Hani (born 1928), Japanese film director
  • Susumu Hirasawa (born 1954), Japanese progressive-electronic artist
  • Susumu Ishii (1924–1991), Japanese criminal
  • Susumu Kajiyama (born around 1950), Japanese criminal
  • Susumu Katsumata (1943–2007), Japanese manga artist
  • Susumu Kuno (born 1933), Japanese linguist and author
  • Susumu Kurobe (born 1939), Japanese actor
  • Susumu Matsushima (born 1913), Japanese photographer
  • Susumu Matsushita (born 1950), Japanese manga artist.
  • Susumu Mochizuki (born 1978), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Susumu Ohno (1928–2000), Japanese American geneticist and evolutionary biologist
  • Susumu Ōno (born 1919), Japanese linguist
  • Susumu Ojima (born 1953), Japanese entrepreneur
  • Susumu Shibata (21st century), ambassador of Japan to Angola
  • Susumu Tachi (born 1946), Japanese academic
  • Susumu Terajima (born 1963), Japanese actor
  • Susumu Tonegawa (born 1939), Japanese scientist
  • Susumu Yanase (born 1950), Japanese politician
  • Susumu Yokota (21st century), Japanese composer
  • Tōki Susumu (born 1974), Japanese former sumo wrestler
  • Yamazaki Susumu (circa 1833-1868), Japanese spy
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Sim City (album)
... Sim City is an electronica album by Susumu Hirasawa ... (วิวัฒน์ ธาราสงบ, Susumu Hirasawa rendered into Thai) ... Susumu Hirasawa later took some songs from this album, remixed it, and released it again in Switched-on Lotus, a memorial soundtrack ...
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