Sustainable Flooring - Natural and Recycled Carpet

Natural and Recycled Carpet

There are carpets that are sustainable, using natural fibers such as cotton, sisal, wool, jute and coconut husk. Handmade Citapore rugs include a wide range of sustainable flooring material as these rugs are generally made from cotton (both virgin and recycled), jute, rayon and cotton chennile. It is also possible to have carpet made completely from recycled polyethylene terephthalate used for food/drink containers. Recycled nylon is also a common material used and the process takes carpet made with nylon 6 fibers and recycles it into brand new nylon carpet. This process can be repeated numerous times and in 2009 alone, Shaw's Evergreen facility recycled over 100 milion pounds of carpet. This is sustainable and it reduces material sent to landfill; further it uses dyeing methods that are less polluting and require less energy than other flooring. This flooring is sustainable when used alongside eco-friendly adhesive, as some products may have toxic finishes added (stain/fireproofing) that are not considered sustainable.

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