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Suspension Bridge - Construction Sequence (wire Strand Cable Type)
... of an active fault, and this has been implemented on the foundations of the cable-stayed Rio-Antirio bridge ... saddles, which will carry the main suspension cables, are positioned atop the towers ... they can also be manufactured using riveted forms, and are equipped with rollers to allow the main cables to shift under construction and normal loads ...
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Weld Controversy - Design and Construction - SAS Main Suspension Cable - Suspender Saddles and Suspender Cables
... Since the main cables curve and the suspender cables splay outward to the deck edge, saddle design is individual to the location, being fabricated in mirror image pairs for each side ... As of mid-June 2012, most saddles are in place upon the main cable ... Wire rope suspender cables have been draped over these saddles and are being pulled outward and attached to projections from the main deck ...
Suspension Bridge
... of bridge in which the deck (the load-bearing portion) is hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders ... Bridges without vertical suspenders have a long history in many mountainous parts of the world ... This type of bridge has cables suspended between towers, plus vertical suspender cables that carry the weight of the deck below, upon which traffic crosses ...

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    On the bare upland pasture there had spread
    O’ernight ‘twixt mullein stalks a wheel of thread
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    Robert Frost (1874–1963)