Survivor: Africa - The Game - Episode 11: The Big Adventure

Episode 11: The Big Adventure

  • Reward Challenge: All six players are asked a series a four questions which their loved ones had previously answered on videotape. When a question is asked, the players must write down their answers on a pad. If their answers match their loved ones' responses, they get a point. The player who matches the most of their four loved ones' responses wins.
    • Reward: A fight to the Maasai Mara to witness the migration of the wildebeest, an overnight stay at a safari resort complete with a bed, shower and good food, and a private hot air balloon ride the next morning all paid with Jeff's Visa credit card.
  • Immunity Challenge: Hanging in a line are eighteen clay pots. Each player's name is printed on three of the pots. The players are given traditional African weapons called Rungus which they must throw at their opponents' pots trying to break them and have them fall to the ground. Each player throws one Rungu stick per round and players switch positions after each round. When a player's third pot is broken, that player is out of the challenge. The last player with at least one pot still hanging wins.

The morning after Frank is voted out at Tribal Council, Ethan is feeling lonely in spite of being with people he enjoys being with. Later, he and Lex return from tree mail with a message informing them of the next reward challenge. Soon after that, they meet Jeff who is beside a television screen. Jeff surprises all six of the remaining members of the Moto Maji Tribe with video messages from their friends and families sending love and giving encouragement. Almost every player reacts tearfully. After the video messages end, Jeff explains the object of the reward challenge and surprises the tribe again with what the reward is. The challenge then begins with Jeff asking the first question. Kim P. and Lex's answers to that question match their loved ones' responses. Kim J. and Tom match their loved ones' responses the second question and Ethan and Lex match their loved ones' responses to the third question, eliminating Teresa from the challenge. Kim J., Lex and Tom all match their loved ones' responses to the fourth and final question, which, as a result, gives Lex the win. After he hands Lex his Visa card (and tells him to go easy on it), Jeff asks Lex to choose one of the other players to go with him. Lex chooses Tom and the two head on their way.

Excitedly, Lex and Tom board a small plane which flies them to the Maasai Mara. Along the way, herds of wildebeest roam throughout the ground below. Once they land, Lex and Tom are taken to a place called Governors' Camp, which Lex describes as the ultimate five-star luxury hotel in the middle of a lush African jungle. As Lex helps himself to a few refreshments, Tom is overjoyed at the accommodations in their tent, especially the big bed and working toilet. Lex and Tom are amazed to see a few hippos in the nearby Mara River. Soon after Lex hands Jeff's Visa card to a lady who checks them in, he and Tom feast on more refreshments and agree not to divulge too much about their stay at the resort when they return to camp. Meanwhile, back at Moto Maji, Kim J. and Kim P. are passing the time using paper, paints and brushes to make a deck of playing cards from scratch. Both are jealous of all the food that Lex and Tom will eat on their trip. Later, at the Maasai Mara, Lex and Tom are on board a safari truck and look at all the wildlife they pass by including warthogs, zebras, giraffes, lions, elephants and hundreds of migrating wildebeests. Both enjoy the experience immensely. Tom even goes as far as to say that he feels like Marlin Perkins. When they return to their tent, Lex and Tom find a few bottles of alcoholic beverages and drink a few toasts to their adventure and to the game of Survivor. Soon afterwards, they eat a big dinner of grilled chicken, lamb and vegetables. That night, at Moto Maji, Kim P., who is not enjoying the tribe's usual cornmeal mush, claims she will never eat corn again, not even popcorn at the movies. Back at the Governors' Camp, Lex is amused as Tom continues to drink the liquor and laugh at his own cheers, but is wise enough to help Tom to the bed under the tent.

Early the next morning before sunrise, Lex and Tom are woken up to get ready for their hot-air balloon ride. Soon after daybreak, Lex and Tom board their balloon and an English balloonist leads them up and on their way. From high above, Lex and Tom see elephants, antelopes, hyenas, giraffes, wildebeests and hippos. As he and Lex notice two wildebeests roaming in an open area near a river, Tom says that if he was a lion, the smaller of the two animals would make a good meal. Suddenly, a lion leaps out of a bush and chases one of the wildebeests which manages to outrun the lion. Before long, a second lion appears and manages to catch the other wildebeest for its prey. Despite such graphic nature, Lex considers witnessing it a treat and gives Tom a high handshake. The hot-air balloon ride gives Tom a new outlook on life. Lex is not looking forward to returning to camp due to going back to playing the game, but is still confident that he will be the last player standing. Both Lex and Tom board the same small plane they flew in the day before and fly back to camp. As Ethan, Kim J., Kim P. and Teresa start a game of Crazy Eights with their scratch-made deck of cards, Lex and Tom's plane flies over their camp and over their heads. When Lex and Tom finally return to camp, they describe everything they experienced and witnessed. All the while, Teresa is anticipating what will happen at the upcoming immunity challenge.

With Lex and Tom back in the game, all six players meet Jeff for the immunity challenge. After Jeff explains the rules, everyone grabs a Rungu stick and starts throwing them at their opponents' clay pots. In the first three rounds, Tom manages to hit one of Teresa's pots, followed by Kim P. and Lex, while the others miss each time. In the fourth round, Kim J. has the sole hit, but on one of her own pots. In the fifth round, Ethan hits Kim P.'s second pot. In the sixth round, Ethan and Tom hit Teresa's other two pots, eliminating her from the challenge. In the next two rounds, Lex eliminates Kim P. by hitting her third pot and hits Ethan's first pot. In the ninth round, Kim J. makes the first hit for Tom, who hits Ethan's second pot in the tenth round. In the eleventh round, Kim J.'s second pot is hit by Lex, whose second pot is by Ethan in the twelfth round. Tom, however, stops Ethan by hitting his third pot in the thirteenth round. Although Tom breaks Kim J.'s third pot in the fourteenth round, it does not fall keeping Kim J. in the running. Tom manages to eliminate Lex by hitting his third pot in the fifteenth round. Although Kim J. manages to hit Tom's second pot in the sixteenth round, Tom also breaks Kim J.'s third pot the rest of the way, winning Tom individual immunity.

The next day, everyone prepares for the upcoming Tribal Council. From Lex's point of view, Teresa has a fire in her belly. As she and Kim J. gather firewood, Teresa tries to convince Kim J. that if the two of them along with Kim P. agree to vote for Lex, she could also get Tom to seal Lex's fate. Although Kim J. is not convinced, Tom does feel that Lex betrayed him back when he sided with Brandon. That night, at tribal council, The original Boran alliance holds on as Kim P. is voted out over Lex by a 4-2 margin, making Kim P. the eleventh person to leave the game and the fourth member of the jury.

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Survivor: Africa - The Game - Episode 11: The Big Adventure
... in their tent, especially the big bed and working toilet ... and Tom find a few bottles of alcoholic beverages and drink a few toasts to their adventure and to the game of Survivor ... Soon afterwards, they eat a big dinner of grilled chicken, lamb and vegetables ...

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