Surveillance Orders

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USA PATRIOT Act - Titles - Title II: Surveillance Procedures
... Title II is titled "Enhanced Surveillance Procedures", and covers all aspects of the surveillance of suspected terrorists, those suspected of engaging in computer fraud or abuse, and agents of a foreign power who ... intelligence information the significant purpose of FISA-based surveillance, where previously it had been the primary purpose ... The change in definition was meant to remove a legal "wall" between criminal investigations and surveillance for the purposes of gathering foreign intelligence, which hampered investigations when ...
USA PATRIOT Act, Title II - Overview - Surveillance Orders
... In order for surveillance to be carried out, the United States Attorney General or his subordinates (so designated under section 201) may authorize a federal judge to grant a surveillance order to the FBI or other ... Each of the orders granted must be reviewed by one of 11 district court judges, of which at any one time three must live within 20 miles of the District of Columbia (see section 208) ... allow a magistrate judge to issue a warrant outside of their district for any orders that relate to terrorism (section 219) ...

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