Suppression List - Protection and Tracking

Protection and Tracking

A variety of technological means are used to protect suppression lists and track suppression list abuse. These include neutral third party scrubbing of email lists, distribution of MD5 secure hash suppression lists and distribution of "seeded" email lists.

The best practice in distributing these lists is to avoid sending the email addresses themselves as plaintext, but instead send a list with one "hash" per line, each hash generated from an email address using a one-way cryptographic hash function.

Internal mailing lists can be scrubbed by using the same hash function to generate one "hash" for each email address on internal mailing lists, and if the internally generated hash matches any of the hashes on the suppression list, then the corresponding email address on the internal mailing list *should* be removed.

Because the hash is one-way, it's not possible for a person to recover the original email address if that person only has the code, making it impossible for that email address to accidentally or deliberately be *added* (rather than removed) from internal mailing lists.

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