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Tesla Coil - Practical Aspects of Design - High Voltage Production
... In each circuit, the AC supply transformer charges the tank capacitor until its voltage is sufficient to break down the spark gap ... action prevents high frequency oscillations from 'backing up' into the supply transformer ... appear across the capacitor also are applied to the supply transformer's winding ...
List Of Nikola Tesla Patents - American - Patents #51–#100
1894 February 20 - Utilizes high potentials and high frequencies Insulated and screened supply conductor along the line of travel Induction bar or plate in inductive relation to the ... the back-emf discharges when interrupted, and a transformer through the primary of which the condenser discharges Motor for driving the controller 'Current of high electromotive force (voltage) which is induced at each ... around the point of interruption in a circuit around the controller, and a transformer through the primary of which the condenser discharges (producing the potential necessary for such ...

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    Man, became man through work, who stepped out of the animal kingdom as transformer of the natural into the artificial, who became therefore the magician, man the creator of social reality, will always stay the great magician, will always be Prometheus bringing fire from heaven to earth, will always be Orpheus enthralling nature with his music. Not until humanity itself dies will art die.
    Ernst Fischer (1899–1972)

    I think it’s a question which particularly arises over women writers: whether it’s better to have a happy life or a good supply of tragic plots.
    Wendy Cope (b. 1945)