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Chemical Structure

PCEs are composed by a methoxy-polyethylene glycol copolymer (side chain) grafted with methacrylic acid copolymer (main chain). The carboxylic acid COONa dissociates in water, providing a negative charge along the PCE backbone. The polyethylene oxide (PEO or MPEG) group affords a not uniform distribution of electron cloud, which gives a chemical polarity to the side chains. The number and the length of side chains are flexible parameters that are easy to change. When the side chains have a huge amount of EO units, they lower with their high molar mass the charge density of the polymer, which enables poor performances on cement suspensions. To have both parameters on the same time, long side chain and high charge density, one can keep the number of main-chain-units much higher than the number of side-chain-units.

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