Superior Gluteal

Superior gluteal can refer to:

  • Superior gluteal artery
  • Superior gluteal veins
  • Superior gluteal nerve

Other articles related to "superior gluteal, gluteal, superior":

Superior Gluteal Nerve - Structure
... The superior gluteal nerve originates in the sacral plexus ... the greater sciatic foramen above the piriformis, accompanied by the superior gluteal artery and the superior gluteal vein ... then accompanies the upper branch of the deep division of the superior gluteal artery and ends in the gluteus minimus and tensor fasciae latae muscle ...
Superior Gluteal Veins
... The Superior Gluteal Veins (gluteal veins) are venæ comitantes of the superior gluteal artery they receive tributaries from the buttock corresponding with the ... median sacral vein Internal iliac posterior iliolumbar · superior gluteal · lateral sacral anterior inferior gluteal · obturator · uterine ♀ (uterine ...
Iliolumbar Artery - Course - Anastomoses
... Superior hemorrhoidal→middle hemorrhoidal 5 ... Medial femoral circumflex→inferior gluteal 6 ... Lateral femoral circumflex→superior gluteal 8 ...

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