Superbird may refer to:

  • a fleet of satellites operated by Japanese communication satellite company SKY Perfect JSAT Group:
    • Superbird A1, a satellite put into orbit by an Ariane 4 launch in 1992
  • Plymouth Superbird, a 1970 Chrysler car
  • "Superbird" is a song by Country Joe and the Fish from the album Electric Music for the Mind and Body

Other articles related to "superbird":

Plymouth Road Runner - 1970 Superbird
... Although similar in appearance, the Superbird was actually quite different from the Daytona ... The Superbird was based on the Plymouth Road Runner and the nose, airfoil, and basic sheet metal was different between the Daytona and Superbird ...
... Space Communications Corporation, the deployment of Superbird 7 (to be called Superbird-C2 after launch) marks the first time a satellite operator in Japan has used a commercial satellite that ... Superbird-C2 was manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation based on the DS2000 satellite bus ... Superbird 7 was launched August 14, 2008 by an Ariane 5 carrier rocket ...
Plymouth Superbird - Market Impact
... The Superbird's styling proved to be a little extreme for 1970 tastes (many customers preferred the regular Road Runner), and as a consequence, many of the 1,920 examples built sat unsold on the back lots of ... In recent years, however, the Superbird has become quite valuable ... A Superbird can fetch anywhere from US$300,000 to US$2,000,000 ...
Plymouth Superbird - NASCAR
... However, the Superbird was designed specifically to lure Petty back to Plymouth for the 1970 season ... Petty's Superbird appears as a key character in 2006 film Cars, with Petty as the voice of seven-time champion "The King" #43 ... sponsor's branding in the film exactly matches the Superbird's paint as "Dinoco blue" ...