Super Sky

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Sets - Sets Available in The TCG - Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
... Prima, Cyber Phoenix, Victory Viper XX03, Majestic Mech - Goryu, Voltanis the Adjudicator, Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon, Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer, Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer ... Elemental Hero Dark Neos, Chimeratech Overdragon, Destiny Hero - Dogma, and Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill. 2 - Hero City, Birthright, Grandmaster of the Six Samurai,Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin, Meltiel, Sage of the Sky, Harvest Angel of Wisdom, Freya, Spirit of Victory, Nova Summoner ...
Super 77 / Super Sky
... Super 77 / Super Sky is a maxi single by the Japanese experimental noise rock band Boredoms ... "Super 77" is entirely a recording of a baby making various noises ... "Super Sky" is an early version of "Super Going" from Super æ ...

Famous quotes containing the word sky:

    And there is nothing in the eye,
    Shut shutter of the mineral man
    Who takes the fatherless dark to bed,
    The acid sky to the brain-pan;
    And calls the crows to peck his head.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)