Super Karamba

Super Karamba

SuperKaramba (From Portuguese and Spanish "super caramba", that means approximately "super gee" or "super cool") is a tool that allows one to easily create functionality enhancement modules on a KDE desktop. Currently, only Linux is officially supported, although it also works well on FreeBSD and NetBSD. This program is similar to gDesklets for GNOME, Yahoo! Widget Engine for Windows and Mac OS X, DesktopX for Windows, and Dashboard for Mac OS X and also the 'gadgets' subset of Google Desktop for Microsoft Windows.

The interactive programs are usually embedded directly into the background and do not disturb the normal view of the desktop. The use of SuperKaramba is not limited to KDE, but certain libraries from KDE are required. SuperKaramba is included in KDE 3.5.

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Super Karamba - History
... Karamba was originally written by Hans Karlsson as a school project in March 2003 ... Karamba only functioned on text files that were written with pseudo-xml format ... He added python scripting support to karamba, which is where it took on a new name, SuperKaramba ...