Super Battle

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Advanced Droids - B2 Super Battle Droid
... The B2 Super battle droid is an improved version of the B1 battle droid ... Unlike B1 battle droids, B2 Super battle droids do not carry blasters ...
Daigo Umehara - Achievements
... Note 2012 Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2nd 2012 Evolution 2012 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. 3rd Strike 2nd 2004 Kakutou Ishin Street Fighter Alpha 3 2nd 2003 Evolution 2003 Super Street Fighter II Turbo 1st Ryu 2003 Evolution 2003 Guilty Gear XX 1st ... SNK 2 2nd C-Guile/Cammy/Sagat 2003 Super Battle Opera (#1) Super Street Fighter II Turbo (3-on-3) 1st Chun-Li Teammates Kurahashi, Otochun 2003 Super Battle Opera (#1) Capcom vs ...

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    The thundering line of battle stands,
    And in the air Death moans and sings:
    But Day shall clasp him with strong hands,
    And Night shall fold him in soft wings.
    Julian Grenfell (1888–1915)