Sunken Gardens (Nebraska)

The Sunken Gardens was constructed during the winter of 1930-31 in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was a project for unemployed men during the depression. Parts of the land were donated to the city of Lincoln by Mr. Henry H. and Mrs. Sarah H. Frey in 1906 and J.C. Seacrest in 1930. In the beginning it was called the "Rock Garden". The rocks use in the construction of the garden were harvested entirely from Lancaster County. It is the only garden in Nebraska listed in the National Geographic Guide to Public Gardens 300 Best Gardens to Visit in the United States and Canada.

Famous quotes containing the words sunken and/or gardens:

    The past absconds
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    Bend in the swollen river; not to see ahead
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    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    Have We not made the earth as a cradle and the mountains as pegs? And We created you in pairs, and We appointed your sleep for a rest; and We appointed night for a garment, and We appointed day for a livelihood. And We have built above you seven strong ones, and We appointed a blazing lamp and have sent down out of the rain-clouds water cascading that We may bring forth thereby grain and plants, and gardens luxuriant.
    —Qur’An. “The Tiding,” 78:6-16, trans. by Arthur J. Arberry (1955)