Sungai Sedili Besar

Sungai Sedili Besar is a river in the eastern region of Johor state in Peninsular Malaysia.

The mouth of the river is situated at the northern end of Teluk Mahkota bay, and empties into the South China Sea.

The Tanjung Sedili Bridge spans the river near its mouth close to the village of Tanjung Sedili. It spans 600 metres across the river and links the coastal regions to the north and south of the river. Its construction was completed in around 2006.

The word "sungai" (also spelt "sungei") is the geographical term for "river" in the local Malay language, whilst the word "besar" means large. At the southern end of Teluk Mahkota bay is a smaller river known as Sungai Sedili Kechil. The word "kechil" means "small" in the Malay language.