Sumo Grip - Personnel


  • John Lawton - Lead Vocals
  • Peter Hesslein - guitar, backing vocals
  • Andreas Dicke - bass
  • Jogi Wichmann - keyboards, drum programming on 5,11,17
  • Curt Cress - drums on 2,3,4,7,8,10
  • Udo Dahmen - drums on 6,13,14,15
Lucifer's Friend
  • John Lawton
  • Peter Hesslein
  • Peter Hecht
  • Dieter Horns
  • Joachim Rietenback
  • Herbert Bornhold
  • Curt Cress
  • Mike Starrs
  • Adrian Askew
  • Andreas Dicke
  • Jogi Wichmann
  • Udo Dahmen
As Lucifer's Friend
  • Lucifer's Friend
  • Where the Groupies Killed the Blues
  • I'm Just a Rock & Roll Singer
  • Banquet
  • Mind Exploding
  • The Devil's Touch
  • Good Time Warrior
  • Rock Heavies:Lucifer's Friend
  • Sneak Me In
  • Mean Machine
As Lucifer's Friend II Sumo Grip
As Electric Food
  • Electric Food
  • Flash
As Asterix Asterix
Associated acts
  • Les Humphries Singers
  • Uriah Heep
  • Edison Lighthouse
  • Colosseum II
  • James Last Orchestra
  • The Rattles
  • Propeller

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