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Summer White House

A "Summer White House" is typically the name given to the regular vacation residence of the sitting President of the United States aside from Camp David, the mountain-based military camp in Frederick County, Maryland, used as a country retreat and for high-alert protection of Presidents and their guests.

Years President Property Name Location
1789–1797 George Washington Mount Vernon Alexandria, Virginia
1793–1794 George Washington Deshler-Morris House Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1853–1857 Franklin Pierce 48 Central Street Andover, Massachusetts
1857–1860 James Buchanan Bedford Springs Hotel Bedford, Pennsylvania
1862–1864 Abraham Lincoln Cottage at the Soldiers' Home Washington, D.C.
1869–1876 Ulysses S. Grant Yorkland Cape May, New Jersey
1877–1881 Rutherford B. Hayes Spiegel Grove Fremont, Ohio
1886–1888 Grover Cleveland Oak View Upon Red Top Washington, D.C.
1887–1888 Grover Cleveland Wateridge Marion, Massachusetts
1889–1892 Benjamin Harrison Congress Hall Cape May, New Jersey
1893–1896 Grover Cleveland Grey Gables Bourne, Massachusetts
1893–1896 Grover Cleveland Woodley Washington, D.C.
1897, 1899 William McKinley Hotel Champlain Plattsburgh, New York
1901–1908 Theodore Roosevelt Sagamore Hill Cove Neck, New York
1909–1912 William Howard Taft Woodbury Point Beverly, Massachusetts
1913–1915 Woodrow Wilson Harlakenden Cornish, New Hampshire
1916 Woodrow Wilson Shadow Lawn Long Branch, New Jersey
1924 Calvin Coolidge Coolidge Homestead Plymouth Notch, Vermont
1925 Calvin Coolidge White Court Swampscott, Massachusetts
1926 Calvin Coolidge White Pine Camp Paul Smiths, New York
1927 Calvin Coolidge Custer State Park Custer County, South Dakota (Black Hills)
1928 Calvin Coolidge Cedar Island Lodge Brule, Wisconsin
1929–1932 Herbert Hoover Lou Henry and Herbert Hoover House Palo Alto, California
1933–1939 Franklin D. Roosevelt Campobello Island
1933–1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt Little White House Warm Springs, Georgia
1933–1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt Springwood Hyde Park, New York
1945–1951 Harry S. Truman Little White House Key West, Florida
1953–1955 Dwight D. Eisenhower Lowry Air Force Base Denver, Colorado
1956–1960 Dwight D. Eisenhower Commandant's Residence, Quarters Number One, Fort Adams Newport, Rhode Island
1961–1963 John F. Kennedy Hammersmith Farm Newport, Rhode Island
1961–1963 John F. Kennedy Kennedy Compound Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
1964–1968 Lyndon B. Johnson LBJ Ranch Gillespie County, Texas
1969–1974 Richard Nixon Florida White House Key Biscayne, Florida
1969–1974 Richard Nixon La Casa Pacifica San Clemente, California
1974–1977 Gerald Ford The Lodge Vail, Colorado
1974–1977 Gerald Ford Firestone Residence Palm Springs, California
1977–1980 Jimmy Carter Carter Compound Plains, Georgia
1981–1988 Ronald Reagan Rancho del Cielo Santa Barbara, California
1989–1992 George H. W. Bush Walker’s Point Kennebunkport, Maine
1993–2000 Bill Clinton Martha's Vineyard
1998–1999 Bill Clinton Georgica Pond East Hampton, New York
2001–2008 George W. Bush Prairie Chapel Ranch Crawford, Texas
2009–Present Barack Obama Blue Heron Farm Martha's Vineyard

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