Summer Olympic Coins - Centennial Olympic Coin Program, 1992-1996

Centennial Olympic Coin Program, 1992-1996

As 1996 marked the centennial of the first modern Olympic games held in Athens, a series of five gold and ten silver coins were struck by five countries: Canada, Australia, France. Austria, and Greece. The concept for the program was first discussed in 1986 and 1987. The Royal Canadian Mint held the view that the Centennial of the modern Olympic Games should be commemorated. The International Olympic Committee was approached on the idea and five Mints were invited to participate in the program. This marked the first time that the International Olympic Committee participated in an international commemorative coin program.

Year of Issue Mint Theme
1992 Royal Canadian Mint, Canada Citius, altius, fortius
1993 Royal Australian Mint, Australia Participation, Friendship, Fair Play
1994 Monnaie de Paris, France The First Congress
1995 Münze Österreich, Austria Art, Music, Sport
1996 Banknote Printing Works, The Bank of Greece The I Olympic Games

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