Summer Olympic Coins - 1968 Mexico City Olympics

1968 Mexico City Olympics


Denomination Reverse Design Artist Obverse Design Artist Edge Date of Issue Finish
25 pesos An Aztec ballplayer, the Olympic rings, and the legend: “Juengos de la XIX Olimpiada Mexico 1968” Lorenzo Rafael An eagle fighting a snake, the legend: “Estados Unidos Mexicanos”, the words “ley 0.720” and 25 pesos Ricardo Luna Y Vasco Incused lettering “Independencia y Libertad” 1968 Circulated


Diameter Weight Thickness Composition Mintage Mint Mark Struck by Issue Price
38 mm 22.5 grams 2 mm .720 silver and .280 copper 30,000,000 M (small “o” above the “M”) La Casa de Moneda de Mexico (Mexican Mint) 25 pesos

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