Summer Olympic Coins - 1952 Helsinki Olympics

1952 Helsinki Olympics


Denomination Reverse Design Artist Obverse Design Artist Edge Date of Issue Finish
500 Markkaa A wreath surrounding 500 and the legend: "Suomi Finland Markkaa" A. Altonen and M. Visanti The Olympic Rings and the legend: “XV Olympia, Helsinki” and the year of 1951 or 1952 A. Altonen and M. Visanti Symbols of 18 pairs and hands 1951 or 1952 Circulated


Diameter Weight Thickness Composition Mintage Mint Mark Struck by Issue Price
32 mm 12 grams 2 mm .500 silver, .400 copper, and .100 nickel 18,500 (1951) and 586,500 (1952) H (for Director Helle) Suomen Rahapaja (Finnish Mint) 500 Markkaa (approximately $2.25 US)

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