Suklingphaa - Character and Legacy

Character and Legacy

Kamaleswar Singha was very mild natured, kind-hearted person. He was aware that the country was going through critical phase and he should co-operate with the Prime Minister Purnananda Burhagohain in dealing with the problems of the state. Therefore he offered his full support to the policies of Purnananda Burhagohain, which proved very beneficial for the kingdom. The power of Moamoria rebels was broken and the country experienced relatively peace and prosperity during his reign. The credit of the successful reign of Kamaleswar Singha actually goes to the Prime Minister Purnananda Burhagohain, who took control of the state’s administration, since the king was minor at the time of his accession, and successfully performed all his duties towards the country. He successfully suppressed the Moamoria Rebellion and he recalled most of the Assamese fugitive cultivators, who fled the country during Moamoria Rebellion and was successful in settling them back in the Ahom Kingdom. He successfully reconstructed the towns and villages of Upper Assam, which were devastated by rebels, and was successful in establishing Jorhat as the Capital of Ahom Kingdom. He also escavated the Bhogdoi canal to facilitate the water supply for the citizens of Jorhat. He organized the first regular Ahom army, which was paid on regular basis, trained in European Warfare and armed with modern weapons. The modern Ahom army successfully suppressed the Moamoria rebels, beat back the incursions of hill tribes and Kacharis. The power of Ahom Kingdom revived and the prestige for Ahom Monarchy was restored among the people of Assam.

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