Sukanto Tanoto - Corporate Responsibilities and Philanthropic Activities

Corporate Responsibilities and Philanthropic Activities

Having learned hard experience with Indorayon, Tanoto began to establish a corporate social responsibility (CSR) along with his other pulp business in Riau province. Through Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP), Tanoto built schools, established a farming system to teach villagers an alternative cultivation than the slash-and-burn technique and made regular sustainable reports to NGOs, such as the World Wildlife Fund after the organization concerns over the conservation of forests in Riau province.

Sukanto Tanoto also set up The Tanoto Foundation, which awards Tanoto Foundation Professorship Award. In 2007, the award worth USD 130,000 was granted to two Indonesian academic scientists which have given their efforts to enable technological research programs for the society.

Sukanto Tanoto donated to the building of the INSEAD library in Singapore in 2005, the library was named Tanoto library. He also donated the Tanoto Professor of Diabetes Research at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore in 2009. Sukanto Tanoto is a regular donor to Carnegie Mellon, Tanoto and his wife Tina is listed as The Highlands Circle at Carnegie Mellon, which means that Tanoto has donated more than $1 million to the university. In 2011, he donated the Tanoto Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering position at Carnegie Mellon.

Sukanto Tanoto also donated regularly to Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and therefore was elected as a member of the Board of Overseers at Wharton, Upenn. As a result, Sukanto Tanoto was awarded the Wharton's Dean Medal in October 2012. This caused a controversy in environmental groups questioning the ethics of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania accepting donation and awarding Sukanto Tanoto whose business operations destroy the environment, causing Global warming, and destruct the habitat of human and animals.

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