Suicide (b-boy Move)

Suicide (b-boy Move)

A suicide is a sudden drop to a b-boy's back. They are frequently employed as finishing moves. Ideally, suicides are very flashy and painful-looking moves. Good suicides elicit exclamations of "ouch" from onlookers and can even be comical to a certain degree. They usually end with the breaker perfectly still, enhancing the image that he has injured himself. Despite appearances, different training and techniques are used to minimize the pain of suicides. A suicide is also used to demonstrate a possible ending to a conflict that groups may have with each other.

Invention of the move has been credited to Frosty Freeze of Rock Steady Crew.

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Suicide (b-boy Move) - Common Suicides
... The Suicideis a version where the breaker does a front flip and lands on his or her back ... The Handspring Suicideinvolves the breaker running and jumping into a front handspring then flopping down flat on his back ... The Baby Suicideis a stationary version of the handspring suicide ...

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