Sui Generis (album) - Production


  • Executive producer: Miguel Blasco
  • Director: Loris Cerrone and Gian Pietro Felisatti
  • Musical arrangements: Gian Pietro Felisatti, Santa-Noé and Loris Ceroni
  • Sound engineer: Santa-Noé and Loris Cerrone
  • Voice and mix engineer: John Pace and Gary Wagner
  • Recording Studio: BABY ESTUDIO-Milán, CERRONE ESTUDIO-Gastel Bolognese, Comway estudio-Los Angeles, Ca.
  • Mixed in: BALU BALA Estudio-Madrid
  • Art direction: Arturo Medellín
  • Photography: Germán Herrera (Encamera)
  • Graphic design: Karem Tretmanis
  • Makeup: Eduardo Arias
  • Fashion designer: Gabriela Diaque

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