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MLB Power Pros - Gameplay - Success Mode
... The story-based Success Mode, which has been a regular element in the Japanese Series (Main Series) since the third release, mixes traditional role playing elements with baseball scenarios ... Unlike the Japanese installments, Mylife mode is not placed in this installment, but it has an ability editor which Japanese version never had, due to the importance and ... (Note Success mode is the mode which Power Pro Series create original players) ...
Power Pro Kun Pocket 9 - Success Mode - Shōshin Temple
... This is the first multi-player success mode that can be shared through game sharing function of the DS, players without the game cannot save players created in this mode ...
Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū Series - Main Developments in The Series - Pawapuro 10
... Success Mode first features creating teams instead of individual players ... Online mode is firstly available ... Mylife mode, an alternate type of Success Mode that player controls the Japan League player instead of original character (But you can still play created player ...
Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū Series - Mylife Mode
... Due to the great success of success mode, Konami have someway extended to another game mode called Mylife since Pawapuro 10, which can use created player (or ... The known mode in Mylife mode are Loan player Playing as a loan player from other team, maximum playtime is one year ... Note If you choose Yakult Swallows' catcher Atsuya Furuta as your player in the Mylife mode in 13 or 14, playing manager duties are added ...
Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū Series - The Success Mode
... The Success Mode is the game's most compelling feature, combining role-playing game and life simulation games elements with the baseball sport ... The Success Mode takes only about 2 hours to complete, but creating a good player requires an extraordinary amount of skill and luck, giving the game almost infinite replay value ... and number of Pawapurokuns killed off in the Success Mode can be very large, as someone can spend hours carefully training a Pawapurokun, only to see him ...

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