Substitution Ciphers

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Types of Classical Ciphers - Substitution Ciphers
... In a substitution cipher, letters (or groups of letters) are systematically replaced throughout the message for other letters (or groups of letters) ... A well-known example of a substitution cipher is the Caesar cipher ... To encrypt a message with the Caesar cipher, each letter of message is replaced by the letter three positions later in the alphabet ...
Japanese Cryptology From The 1500s To Meiji - The Two-Letter, Ten-Chart Code
... This is just a code version of a polyalphabetic substitution cipher ... Polyalphabetic ciphers use several different enciphering alphabets and change between them at some interval, usually after every letter ... The strength of a polyalphabetic cipher comes from how many alphabets it uses to encipher, how often it switches between them, and how it switches between them (at ...
Types of Cipher - Historical Ciphers
... Historical pen and paper ciphers used in the past are sometimes known as classical ciphers ... They include simple substitution ciphers and transposition ciphers ... These simple ciphers and examples are easy to crack, even without plaintext-ciphertext pairs ...

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