Students For Saving Social Security

Students for Saving Social Security, known as S4, was a 501(c)(3) non-profit activist organization based in Washington, D.C., run by students for students who are pushing for Social Security reform. S4 was founded in March 2005 and proposes changing Social Security laws to permit personal savings accounts in the interest of personal liberty, free markets, and the younger generation. The successful grassroots strategy has resulted an active network of 300+ college chapters with more than 11,000 members by 2008.

S4 believes Social Security is an issue that must be addressed by the Congress. Co-founders Jonathan Swanson and Patrick Wetherille have proclaimed:

Students for Saving Social Security will lead the charge to inform, organize, and mobilize today's college students to engage in the Social Security debate. Through honest, non-partisan debate we hope to represent the interests of young Americans. We want politicians to understand that an entire generation of voters can be won — or lost — on an issue with lasting implications for our future.

Executive Director Jo Jensen, Strategic Communications Director Neha Shah and Development Director Karen Lee are both graduates of Mount Holyoke College, the first and oldest of the historical Seven Sisters. National Director Ryan Lynch attended Emory University and is currently studying at Georgetown University's graduate school.

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