Student RESPECT was founded as the student wing of the Respect Party in England and Wales in 2005 to provide a united campaigning organisation of the radical left in the student movement.

It has achieved notable successes in Unions like University of Manchester in both pulling together the anti-war left and being an organisation capable of winning full-time positions. Student Respect currently has elected officers in Leeds,Goldsmiths, Plymouth, Essex and Middlesex plus a member of the National Union of Students of the United Kingdom (NUS) National Executive Committee.

Although the recent loss of several sabbatical positions in University of Manchester to a moderate coalition including the position of General Secretary to a prominent Labour Student has drawn into doubt how popular Student Respect are with grassroots students.

Following the decision of the SWP leadership in Autumn 2007 to break its alliance with George Galloway MP, Cllr Salma Yaqoob and others, and the ruling, after a protracted legal dispute, that Galloway's wing of Respect were the rightful bearers to the name Respect, the SWP gave up on the Student Respect brand and began organising through other names. Student Respect is now recognised as the organisation of students within the current Respect Party, with active students on a number of campuses across the country.

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