Stuart Island

Stuart Island can refer to a number of different Islands:

  • Stuart Island (Washington), one of the San Juan Islands in Washington state, the United States
  • Stuart Island (British Columbia), an island in the Discovery Islands of British Columbia, Canada
  • Stuart Island, Alaska
See also
  • Stewart Island/Rakiura in New Zealand

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Stuart Island (British Columbia)
... Stuart Island is one of the Discovery Islands of British Columbia, which lie between northern Vancouver Island and the British Columbia Coast ... It is at the mouth of Bute Inlet to the east of the larger Sonora Island ... The island, and Bute Inlet, were named for John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute, Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1762 to 1763 ...
Stuart Island, Alaska
... Stuart Island is a small island on the southeast side of the Norton Sound of Alaska ... The island is about 9.3 miles (15.0 km) long and 6.2 miles (10.0 km) wide with a land area of 52.195 sq mi (135.185 kmĀ²) and had no resident population at the ... Stuart Island has no permanent settlements, but is only a short distance by water from Stebbins, which is on neighboring St ...

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